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How To Post WordPress Posts To Facebook

If like myself you are looking for ways to automatically publish your WordPress posts to Facebook – and to your Facebook fan page in particular – this post is for you.

The Facebook notes method
By default, when you create a Facebook fan page, it comes with a Facebook Notes application already installed. To import your blog posts via Facebook Notes, simply Edit your page, go to Facebook Notes application, click on Edit, and on the subsequent screen click “Import a blog ยป”. On the subsequent screen insert your blog feed address and you are done.

Although this is the quickest way to import your posts onto a Facebook page, it’s not my preferred method. Firstly, the post titles link to individual notes which then link to your blog post – which is not optimal. Secondly, it takes a while for your feed posts to appear in the Facebook Notes as Facebook does the import every set period of time and it imorts everything you publish in your feed. On top of that, the posts imported in this way cannot be edited on your Facebook page.

My preferred way

I have tried a number of Facebook applications to do the job and finally settled on the Wordbooker WordPress plugin and Facebook application. It does the job perfectly. It posts excerpts on my Facebook fan page. It posts immediately (no time delay). It allows me to decide whether I want a post published to Facebook on an individual basis. Posts appear on the Facebook page in an editable form – I can change them, or remove them without problems. And finally, the plugin is easy to install and provides a wide array of options to use if required.


  1. Just what I was looking for. I new there had to be a better way than manually updating the fan page. Great post. Thanks

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