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What Is Domain Flipping?

Domain Flipping has become big bucks for a number of amateur investors that turned to domain names for a chance to profit in the current economic climate.

We are still at the very start of a huge industry. If you think it is too late to get started – think again!

What is Domain Flipping?

You have probably heard of house flipping – the process of buying a house, fixing it up, and selling it for
a profit. Domain Flipping is the process of buying a domain or website, fixing it up and selling it for a profit.

The main difference between Domain Flipping and House Flipping is that House Flipping takes weeks and oftentimes months of your time to complete. House Flipping requires dealing with contractors, managing teams, getting-up early and going to the house each day – simply said: it’s an arduous process.

On the other hand, Domain Flipping works with your schedule – and best of all it takes place in the comfort of your home.

Understanding Domain Value

Determining the value of a domain name is oftentimes thought of as a dark art. Many say that the value of a domain name is in the “eye of the beholder”. This statement however, is not very helpful to a domain flipper.

Thankfully, there are ways you can determine the value domain name and decide whether the domain name is “flippable”.

Tip 1: Google’s Keyword Tool is one that’s easy to use and will quickly tell you whether there is demand for your domain name’s keywords.

Tip 2: Page rank checkers will tell you whether a domain name has pagerank – PR is invaluable to a domain flipper. I recommend MassPageRank.com

Tip 3: Alexa.com and Compete.com traffic rank will help you decide where said domain name has any traffic – traffic is another surefire indicator that a domain name is flippable.

Tip 4: You can find affordable, flippable domain names daily on the Godaddy expiring domain auctions.

If you are looking to make serious money flipping domain names, I would strongly recommend flipping expert Morgan Linton’s Domain Flipping course.

If you would prefer video tutorials, I highly recommend the Domain Flipping video guide.


  1. nice basic information. I am thinking og getting involved with flipping business. I targeted Godaddy auction. I am keeping my eyes on expiring domain names. I can see people bids more for page ranked domain…

  2. Lot of value domain been taken , now i was thinking of doing domain + website flipping . It will increase the value of the domain and sell it with higher price.
    Domain flipping market always exist because domain is limited.

  3. The comparison between flipping domains and houses is one that I love to use. There is still a great deal of untapped potential in the domaining industry. Investors are starting to realize this and are entering into this industry in droves. It should be interesting to see what ends up happening in the next five years.

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