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R.I.P Parked.com

Domain parking service Parked.com closed their doors for the final time yesterday.

If you visit Parked.com now, all you will see is a blank page and a small notice at the bottom that says:

For questions regarding Parked.com, please contact PartnerSupport@Parked.com

Threads on domaining forums indicate that Parked.com has merged with DomainApps.com and you can log into DomainApps.com and get access to your Parked.com accounts there and access parking revenue, reports etc.

People report that they received notification emails and phone calls with regards the move from Parked.com prior to the event happening – I didn’t, probably because I moved all my domain names away from Parked.com to Sedo.com a few months ago.

In any case, I would have thought an explanation note or a redirect was in order for visitors who visit to Parked.com but I guess the folks at Parked.com and DomainApps.com think different.


  1. Lately they were performing really badly and they had lack of good advertisers so I don’t wonder why they had to merge with other company. Hopefully new management will be able to keep customer base happy.

    And yeas, the at least could wrote at least few lines explaining the situation and what current customers should do or at least do a redirect like you mentioned but looks like it’s too difficult

  2. Sigh…
    I wasn’t contacted prior to the
    CLOSE of Parked.com …

    I had over 3,000 domains there…

    Double Sigh…

    Oh Well…

    ~Patricia Kaehler – Ohio USA – DomainBELL

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