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The Web Is Made Up Of 30 Trillion Pages And Growing!

Did you know that the web is made up of over 30 trillion pages? Or that Google’s index is 100 million gigabytes in size? Or that Google supports over 100 billion searches every month? If you like facts like those, you should probably read the new Google insidesearch interactive infographic.

To be honest, even though it’s written in layman’s terms, I found it fascinating.

It explains how Google navigates the web by crawling from page to page. The crawled pages are sorted by a number of factors and everything is stored in The Index which is currently over a 100 million gigabytes large (yes, that’s 100,000,000,000,000 bytes!). When you search for stuff, algorithms try to decipher what it is you need and the results are pulled from the index and ranked based on some 200 odd factors. All of that is done in 1/8th of a second!

Here is a list of all the goodies you’ll find in the infographic include:

1. An interactive, graphical explanation of Google Search.
2. A view into major search algorithms and features.
3. A 43-page document explaining how Google evaluates results.
4. A live slideshow of spam as Google removes it.
5. Graphs illustrating the spam problem and how Gogle fights it.
6. A list of policies that explain when Google will remove content.

You can see the infographic for yourself by going here and read the actual Google news item by going to their insidesearch blog.

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