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hurricane season

People Are Buying Hurricane Domain Names Anticipating Stormy Weather in 2013

The hurricane season begins in June and ends in November in the US and judging by recent history, and by the domain names registered in 2013, some people are expecting (or hoping for?) at least one of the storms to be memorable.

The first tropical storm in 2013 will be named Andrea, followed by Barry and Chantal to complete the first three. The US National Hurricane Center recycles storm names every 6 years and the full list of names for storms to hit in 2013 is listed on their website.

According to TasteReports.com, from October 28 to 31, 2012, when hurricane Sandy was at its strongest, 456 domain names with the keyword “hurricane” were registered. That’s no coincidence. In 2013, months before the hurricane season even starts, people have already registered all 21 hurricane + name.com combinations from the above National Hurricane Center names list.

I don’t have anything against people speculating on news events and registering domain names in order to make a quick buck – the recent craze for Pope domain names springs to mind. But speculating on tragedy to make money? Thousands of human lives are lost every year to tropical storms! Thousands of other people lose their homes and livelihoods every year in the same storms.

People are resorting to buying up every possible combination of HurricaneWhatever in the anticipation of one of those storms being more horrible and deadly than any other storm in recent history, in order to “hit the jackpot”. Is that really necessary?

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