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Sears Wins 96 Domain Name UDRP

The National Arbitration Forum yesterday awarded Sears Brands, LLC (complainant) the transfer of 96 domain names previously held by Zhichao Yang (respondent) of China in a UDRP decision.

Sears Brands LLC submitted a complaint on March 1, 2013 to the National Arbitration Forum indicating that the respondent registered 96 domain names that incorporated trademarks owned by the complainant including SEARS®, SEARS CARD, SEARS SOLUTIONS®, SHOPYOURWAY®, SHOPYOURWAY REWARDS®, SEARS HOMETOWNSTORE®, SEARS OUTLET™, SEARS HARDWARE STORE™, SEARS PARTS DIRECT™, SEARS COMMERCIAL™ and SEARS COMMERCIAL PARTS™ marks, and were confusingly similar to the Sears marks. Sears Brands LLC requested the domain names be transferred to them. The respondent failed to respond to the complaint by deadline of March 25, 2013.

The one-person arbitration panel, with Hon. Neil Anthony Brown QC as panelist, having reviewed the documentation submitted, found that the complainant (Sears Brands LLC) had established all 3 elements of the ICANN Policy 4(a).

(1) the domain name registered by Respondent is identical to or confusingly similar to a trademark or service mark in which Complainant has rights; and
(2) Respondent has no rights or legitimate interests in respect of the domain name; and
(3) the domain name has been registered and is being used in bad faith.

As a result, the panel found in favor of the complainant and granted relief (transfer) of all 96 domain names to Sears Brands LLC from the respondent.

The domain names in question were:
searcad.com, searsacrd.com, searscadr.com, searscardd.com, searscarf.com, searscatd.com, csearscard.com, sealscard.com, searsvard.com, seascreditcard.com, ssearscard.com, shearscard.com, searscrditcard.com, seearscard.com, comsearscard.com, searsolutionmaster.com, searsolutionscreditcard.com, searsolutionsmaster.com, searsolutionsmastercards.com, searsolutionsmc.com, searssoloutionsmastercard.com, searssolutinscards.com, searssolutionsmasercard.com, searssolutionsmaster.com, searssolutionsmastercad.com, searssolutionsmastercrad.com, searssolutionsmastercrd.com, searssolutionsmastrcard.com, searssolutionsmastrecard.com, searssolutionsmstercard.com, searssolutiosmastercard.com, searsssolutionscards.com, searsssolutionsmastercard.com, serssolutionscards.com, wwwsearssolutions.com, wwwsearssolutionscard.com, wwwsearssolutionsmastercard.com, searmastercardsolutions.com, seasmastercard.com, searsmastecard.com, searsmastercad.com, searsmastercar.com, searsmastercardsolution.com, searsmastercreditcard.com, searsmastersolutioncard.com, wwwsearsmastercard.com, shopmywayreward.com, shoppyourway.com, shopyouraway.com, shopyoursway.com, shopyourwat.com, shopyourwayrevards.com, shopyourwayrewrads.com, shopyourwey.com, shopyourwyarewards.com, shopyouwayreward.com, shpoyourway.com, shopyourday.com, searhometownstores.com, searshardwarestore.com, searhardwarestores.com, searoulet.com, searoutletstore.com, searsoultlet.com, searsoutlat.com, searsoutleat.com, searsoutles.com, searsoutlest.com, searsoutliet.com, searsoutlite.com, searsoutloet.com, seatsoutlet.com, seersoutlet.com, searsautlet.com, searspartesdirect.com, searspartsderect.com, searspartsdirecr.com, searspsrtsdirect.com, seatspartsdirect.com, serarspartsdirect.com, searsopitical.com, sersoptical.com, searscommercialpart.com, searscommercials.com, searcommercial.com, searcommercialparts.com, searscrditscore.com, searscreditreport.com, allsearcredit.com, searscore.com, searsgargedoors.com, searsautopart.com, searfinancial.com, searhomeimprovements.com, seashomeservices.com, mysear.com

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