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Symbolics Turns To Selling Pixel Ads For Revenue

The oldest domain name in the world – Symbolics.com – has turned to selling pixel ads to generate revenue.

I’ve received an email from Aron Meystedt, owner of Symbolics.com and XF.com, informing me of the news. A press release has also been published a to promote this further.

So what’s the deal? Basically, Aron is allowing websites to purchases circular shaped ad blocks on the Symbolics.com website – a move probably inspired by the 2005 pixel selling craze made popular by Alex Tew and his million dollar home page. The slogan of the Symbolics.com ad campaign says “own a piece of true Internet history” – which is strikingly similar to the “Own a piece of internet history” slogan of the million dollar home page.

Symbolics.com is however selling the ad spots on a per month basis – which should generate a nice revenue if enough people bite.


  1. I would have purchased but someone already took a screenshot today.

    Defeats the point than…as a screenshot would have been cool.

  2. Symbolics.com whole schtick is that it is internet history.

    It would be nice to memorialize the event in internet history.

    I guess you will get traffic MAYBE for the time your advertisement is up there…but for me the value is being linked to the site in a lasting fashion not temporally.

  3. I am thinking they should also put in a list of all ads purchases on a subpage – for lasting effect.

  4. Agreed. Like a directory submission.

    $50 for a month is kinda rich.

    YAHOO charges $300 for a year for a directory submission….and YAHOO is YAHOO.

  5. BOTW.org makes $300 for a PERMANENT submission.

    Symbolics should go a similar route.

    People would want the back link.

  6. My thoughts are that you need continuous traffic to justify such fees for an ad. A one-off fee of $50 would have been ok – however – a model where the highest bid stayed at the top would probably have been most suitable.

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