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Why I love e-junkie.com – my e-junkie review


I recently authored an ebook and since ebooks by definition are in electronic form I had to figure out a way to properly manage product delivery.

Simply placing the ebook file on a server and letting people download it wouldn’t do as that would allow everyone to download it – including the people that didn’t buy the ebook.

So, I began searching for a product delivery / electronic checkout facility which would be simple to use, be affordable and would easily integrate into my existing sales page. I also wanted to control how many copies a person can download, to manage ebook affiliates and to be able to use Paypal as a payment facility.

I found a few solutions some of which I had to host on my own server after purchasing a license while others were simply either too expensive or too complicated to use.

This is when I ran into e-junkie.

E-junkie offers a quick and powerful way to integrate sales features into a website. It took me all of 5 minutes to sign up, upload my ebook, setup an affiliate program and get the html code to paste into the sales page.

I have been using the service ever since. Not only do they provide excellent, personable support, but the service they provide is simply amazing:

* I can log in and check sales stats in real time
* I am notified by email whenever a sale is made
* I can integrate PayPal, Google Checkout or 2Checkout as the payment processor
* Affiliates can sign up at the click of a button
* Affiliates can check their sales stats in real time
* I can limit the number of downloads per customer
* I can send out free downloads
* I can manage multiple products
* I can setup an email capture form
* I can easily setup coupon codes.
* There is a lively internal marketplace
* And the list go on…

This is one of those products that you simply have to try for yourself to believe. The amazing thing is that for all of the above I am simply paying $5 per month. To be honest I think they are crazy – they could be charging a lot more than that and people would be more then happy to pay it.

The only thing that I think they could perhaps change is to create more awareness of their services and perhaps promote their market place a little bit more – places like clickbank and cj really drive home the fact they have a marketplace while e-junkie lags behind in this respect.

As far as the product delivery goes though, I have been using the system for over 4 years and I wouldn’t change a thing. Anyone else had experiences with e-junkie they would like to share?

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  1. We congratulate you on a well written post and thank you for praising E-junkie in your post. We will continue to strive to excellent personal service so as to aid our merchants in selling their products. Happy Selling!

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