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How To Keep Using The Buddybar In BuddyPress 1.6

If you run BuddyPress on one of your WordPress sites, you might have noticed a major change in the latest release (1.6) of BuddyPress: the BuddyPress BuddyBar has been replaced with the WordPress admin bar. When you upgrade to BP …

domain tools

DomainTools Expands BrandMonitor Reach

DomainTools is well know for providing what its name describes so well – domain name tools. We’ve written in the past about Screenshots.com and Domain Typo Finder just to name a few. Following on that well worn path, DomainTools.com today …


BarginRegister Loses ICANN Accreditation

Domain name registrar BarginRegister.com will lose its ICANN registration effective March 21, 2013 according to this (pdf) notice of “termination of registrar accreditation agreement” from ICANN. The termination was pursued, according to above notice document, as a result of BarginRegister …


DemandMedia To Split Into Two Companies

DemandMedia announced today it’s intent to explore splitting its operations into two independent entities. The reasoning behind this potential move is the company’s wish to clarify its operations to potential investors. If the move goes through, the company’s two key …


How Do You Manage Your Daily Tasks?

Most if not all successful domainers are self-employed. We answer to noone but ourselves. We don’t work in a cubicle and we set our own schedules. If we wanted to, we could take multiple holidays during the year and our …

R.I.P Parked.com

Domain parking service Parked.com closed their doors for the final time yesterday. If you visit Parked.com now, all you will see is a blank page and a small notice at the bottom that says: For questions regarding Parked.com, please contact …

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